Have you ever thought about being a pharmacist? This training in the health field offers many possibilities for a promising career. In this post, we present four reasons to choose pharmacy when taking a university course.

The wide diversity of fields of activity is another very attractive reason to study pharmacy. The pharmacist is able to act in 60 activities, not only supervising the purchase of medicines at the pharmacy counter, as a clinical pharmacist.

Among the activities is the nuclear pharmacist, who handles radiopharmaceuticals, and the oncological pharmacist, responsible for assisting in the administration of drugs in cancer treatments. The master pharmacist is active in the transformation of manufactured products, in handling pharmacies. 

The pharmacy professional can also work as a coordinator of research and development of cosmetic products, whether for aesthetics, conservative or corrective action. The herbalist pharmacist is specialized in the treatment of diseases by means of medicinal plants. There is also the veterinary pharmacist, the hospital pharmacist and the university professor. 

With additional knowledge or specializations, this professional can be a pharmacoeconomics manager, who does economic and financial studies in the pharmaceutical field from universiti reka bentuk permainan di Malaysia, or a criminal pharmacist, who analyzes substances for police investigations and criminal cases.

But there are also many opportunities abroad

The pharmacy graduate also finds many opportunities abroad. In countries like the United States and Canada, there is a high demand for professionals for community pharmacies, hospitals, research centers, universities or directly in pharmaceutical companies.

However, to work in another country, the pharmacist must be licensed or registered by the local regulatory agency. And it may still be necessary to recognize documents, such as the diploma and professional license in Brazil.

In addition to professional experience, salaries abroad can also be attractive. These possibilities are another good reason to choose to join the course.

It is an extremely important profession for society

The pharmacist is the closest professional to the population, which makes his performance fundamental to society – another significant reason to choose the pharmacy course. The work of this professional in dispensing medicines and caring for the patient stimulates and strengthens their adherence to treatment and to the rational consumption of the prescribed medication. 

The pharmacist also has the function of guiding the population about diseases and raising awareness of the importance of the correct use of medicines and access to health. In many cases, it is this professional who will answer questions about the use of the medication, contributing to the effectiveness of the treatment.

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