1 mcJ4sEruPdTK9XhYckyAjQ 1024x678 - Tips in Making Your Partner Stick with You through Thick and Thin

Finding a partner might be hard at times but making that partner stick with you is undeniably harder. That is even when you already have a marriage contract. There are even times when you are like a saint already, still, your partner can afford to cheat on you and worst, leave you. 

How can you make your partner stick with you then? Are their formulas? What should you do? While it is not healthy to force someone to stick with you if the love is already one-sided, still there are things you can do so you can make him stick with you voluntarily. How to do it? check this out:

  • Try to be creative when prying about the whereabouts of your partner as he might get annoyed if you will be obvious. It should seem like you are not guarding him or doubting him as this can ruin your relationship. 
  • If your partner is with you all the time, like his work is just in the same location, you can designate a date for you to go out once a month at least. This is for you to unwind as well and not just be restrained in taking care of your kids. This is also to rekindle your feelings towards each other. You can also go on a mini-date to the park every day after work.
  • Try to be sensitive towards your partner. While you might call his attention to every mistake and ignore the good things he has done, you should start changing that. Yes, it would be better for your relationship if you will be more conscious of the good deeds and try to overlook the bad. After all, I am pretty sure you also have your share of misconducts. 
  • While you have commitments to uphold in your work, you also need to consider the fact that a relationship needs to be worked on if you want it to last. This is why, if there are urgent matters in your home, you should also consider tweaking your schedule as long as it will not put you in a bad spot.
  • Don’t dwell so much on the past. Yes, this is not easy to see as we are just humans and sometimes, we can’t control what our minds will end up thinking. However, it will be you who can decide if you will make a fuss over and over again about something that is done already, and you have no control. Unless those mistakes are done again, it is best to just not talk about it anymore. 
  • Show how you feel. There are times when we don’t want to let on our feelings as we feel that if we do so, we might be abused. Well, you are already married and unless your partner will show any signs of abuses, you should not hesitate in showing your love. 

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