Malaysia is knowns for its city developments. Our national gems like Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower (KLCC) is an architecture art our county will always be proud of. In the process of inventing and building safe, eye-candy-looking buildings or condos, everything must fit perfectly with each other. The pieces, the structure. There is no such thing as safe when you do not plan the layouts, the parts properly. This kind of planning has a lot of factors to be considered like the safety, the costs, and a lot more. In the world of construction, brass fitting is no stranger. What is a brass fitting? Well, it is commonly used to transport liquids, chemicals, and other plumbing materials. Brass pipe fittings are available in a variety of shapes and thread sizes for connecting, adapting, and controlling any liquid or gas in pipes. 

metal manufacturing - Brass Fitting in Malaysia: Introducing Syarikat Logam Unitrade

Syarikat Logam Unitrade SDN. BHD is one of the best in providing brass fitting in Malaysia. Now you must be wondering who they are, and what makes the best? Well, for starters they have been in the business for a couple of decades, which is a lot of wisdom. Syarikat Logam Unitrade serves as a one-stop shop for customers in a variety of industries as they have the infrastructure and resources in place to support large-scale initiatives, whenever needed. 

Mr. Sim Keng Chor started Syarikat Logam Unitrade in 1978, and the birth of Syarikat Logam Unitrade was on April 1, 1984. The company’s main business is trading and distribution of plumbing and engineering gear. They also import and export building supplies. What makes them the best? Well, for the past few years, their products and customers grow successfully. They are known for their integrity. Syarikat Logam Unitrade concentrates on keeping the business trustworthy, honest and professional. They keep the human elements cleared. Other than that is they are reliable. They are professional in their actions and all the outcomes. They know the impact that goes across the business, the people, and the surroundings. Through the Syarikat Logam Unitrade service, you will have an infinite amount of possibilities. With their help, you can be better and all your needs will surely be fulfilled. 

They provide so many items, which include brass fittings. Syarikat Logam Unitrade offers ductile iron fittings with 23 types, iron fittings with 132 types, and stainless steel fittings with about 102 products. Other than that are the steam fittings with 45 products, C.S welded with 36 types, and C.S seamless with 15 products. The additions are mild steel fittings with 16 variations, M.S.C.L with 15 products, mechanical fittings come with 109 variations, then copper fittings for about 70 products. Lastly, they have PVC and PE fittings with 160 variations, vitrified clay fittings with 7 products, and fire protection with 27 products. 

Note to mention that all delivery and self-pickup services will be temporarily unavailable due to the Malaysian government’s implementation of the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO). Until further notices, Syarikat Logam Unitrade will not operate for any services of deliveries but the order still actives online. So hop on and get those parts now!