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Application of aluminum – Packaging – Website about aluminum

Aluminum paste consists of crushed aluminum particles, as well as a binder additive. It is actively used in the manufacture of aerated concrete, rubber adhesives, paints, anti-corrosion lubricants, etc. For the production of aerated concrete, aluminum paste GPB1 and GPB2 are used as a gas generator.

The methods for making the paste are wet grinding and dry method. The disadvantage of the first is the use of highly toxic corrosion inhibitors to reduce the percentage of spontaneous gas formation and unwanted chemical reactions. On the other hand, the content of the binder additive when using wet grinding is 15-30%, which significantly reduces dusting. The positive side of the dry method is a longer shelf life and a higher content of active aluminum, which affects the kinetics of gas evolution, stability of indicators and reduces the consumption of the gas generator.

Aluminum gas paste for concrete GPB1 contains 78.3% of the mass fraction of active aluminum. The material contains PAP-1 aluminum powder with an organic additive (diethylene glycol). The aluminum paste GPB1 is packed in metal drums weighing from 25 to 45 kg. The paste has a kinetics of hydrogen gas evolution expressed in 10 cm³ in 2 minutes. The dispersion index of the particles of the material is 50%. Unlike aluminum powder, GPB1 aluminum paste is more homogeneous and safer to use, and has a higher economic indicator. Due to the cohesion of the particles, the paste is less toxic and explosive.

The composition of aerated concrete is a mixture of natural materials: cement, sand, water, lime, a little aluminum powder. When added, alumininium paste and powder enters into a chemical reaction with lime, both elements are foamed, resulting in air-filled bubbles. Bubbles can be of different sizes. Most often, a gas generator for the production of aerated concrete is chosen according to the numerous positive reviews of aerated concrete manufacturers. At the same time, each of the manufacturers not only advertises their products, but also insists not to use a gas generator from another manufacturer. These technologists believe it is correct that if the concrete rises, then nothing else needs to be changed. But this statement is very wrong, since it is necessary to take into account many important details: safety, quality, economy, stability. For more articles like this one, click here.

3 770x400 - How To Get A Scuba Diving License

How To Get A Scuba Diving License

To have somewhere else to go as a form of escapism is truly a dream. Everyday we are faced with an incredible amount of stress and pressure from people around us and also in the working environment. We should always take care of our mental and physical health by knowing what the heart wants. More often than not, we tend to dismiss what we truly want as we see it as distraction and waste of time. Self care sessions are never a burden and everyone should listen to themselves carefully to be at peace and content. Working almost 12 hours a day almost everyday in a week will not be healthy for you in the long run. This is why having a hobby helps you maintain your sanity while being super packed with tasks. One of the best hobbies that you can get into as a form of escapism is scuba diving. You will be enthralled and instantly bewitched when you go underwater. However, there are many out there who do not know how to get onto the first step of getting a diving license malaysia. You can further read into this article to know the steps.

3 - How To Get A Scuba Diving License


Known as the worldwide professional association of diving instructors, PADI offers scuba diving licenses through their courses. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, their strong will to survive this industry have made them coming out with eLearning courses which are totally accessible for more people across the globe. 


When you are enrolling, you must be 10 years and older than that to be eligible for the license. Before all, you need to have enough swimming skills to go. Therefore, if you are interested in getting the license, enrol yourself in swimming class prior to getting the certification so that you have a strong swimming base.

Know Your Level

Before registering, there will be some categories or levels that you should identify. Some of them are beginners or continuing learning courses. For those who have never taken a class, a beginner course is highly recommended which consists of open water diving. For those continuing lessons, many more options are open for you such as advanced open water diving, rescue diving, photography diving and many others. There are specific professional levels for those interested in taking this seriously as an instructor. 

Education Process

When you have succeeded in getting a place for yourself as a future certified scuba diver, you will need to know the education process before you get tested. The first phase will consist of theoretical learning such as planning to dive, choosing the gears, underwater signals and procedures and others. The next phase is the confined water dives. This activity is to ensure your diving methods and also the right gears employment. The last phase of the education process is the open water dives where you are needed to explore the vast sea. You will be observed by your instructor while also skillfully applying all the things you have learnt to use so far. 

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unnamed 410x400 - Luxurious Apartments for Sale in TTDI Malaysia

Luxurious Apartments for Sale in TTDI Malaysia

Every corner of the earth is being discovered by modern man and almost every corner of the land has been tenanted by man since the last few decades. Forests and inhibited areas are being renovated into villages, villages into towns, and towns are renovating into cities. New constructions or buildings are taking place in almost every country. The modern man is making towns in every country and region. TTDI, in Malaysia, is also getting developed. Numerous new towns are developing in TTDI in Malaysia. Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) is a township located on the border of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor border. It is surrounded by the neighborhood of Bandar Utama Damansara. Being on the border of two important cities, it has become more important because people living in this town will have access to both of the cities. In this regard, the property of this area has also become very important and precious.

There was a time when this area was far away from the city and it was very backward. In the 70s it was considered an underdeveloped zone. But now it is becoming a very important and significant area because of its rapid development. People are coming to this area for investment in the property business sector. We should purchase property in new towns because later the prices of the property located in this area go higher and we can earn enough money from this investment. Many beautiful and attractive buildings are taking place here, in this area. Many houses are being constructed, many medical stores are being constructed, many schools, educational institutions are being constructed in this township. Picnic grounds and other eye-catching parks and buildings are taking place in this area, Tun Dr. Ismail. The investors are getting interested in this township. So, to make the future bright and financially strong, we should buy property in this town.

Luxurious Apartments in the Town:

113ccfe13e15d5283e93d258573c895c - Luxurious Apartments for Sale in TTDI Malaysia

Many beautiful houses and buildings are being constructed in this town. Wonderful residential buildings, houses, apartments, and condos are being constructed which attract investors to invest in this town. Houses and apartments are available for sale and rent. 

TTDI Condo:

TTDI is a very attractive place that is connected to KL Sentral. This place is very beautiful and is very ideal for investment. It offers a very good investment opportunity and it also offers wonderful beautiful residential buildings on very affordable rent. This place is very important because it is connected with good commercial and urban areas which enhance the value of property in the town. Besides rental property, TTDI has excellent houses and apartments for sale TTDI apartment for sale, offers a beautiful condo for buying. You have the golden opportunity of investing in a better future. If you have decided to buy a good property then you don’t waste your time thinking too much over it and buy a condo is located in TTDI. Apart from buying, you can also have houses on rent in House for rent Damansara Perdana.

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black living room 770x400 - Your Futures Stays with the Pandan Indah apartment

Your Futures Stays with the Pandan Indah apartment

Choose the style to give to your home, choose the colors, materials and finishes, the furnishings and make it yours.

Who to turn to get the most out of your home?

If you need to renovate or furnish a house, but you don’t know where to start, contact an architect or an interior designer and if you have doubts about colors and materials, entrust yourself to a Personal Shopper then the Architect or Interior Designer will help you to reorganize and furnish the space of your new home according to your needs. For Pandan Indah apartment such options are open.

In addition, they will also be able to advise and help you with building or cadastral practices and with choosing the right company to work for. The elaboration of a Specifications and Metric Calculation will allow you to compare the estimates of the various companies and to choose the one with the best quality or price ratio. A personalized pandan indah condominium based on your tastes and needs will become your “Home”.

Have you already decided on the internal distribution of the spaces?

Do you already have a project in plan, quoted to give to the company to carry out the work? Do you know which construction company to contact? Get informed; on prices and timing for building practices; because in order to start demolishing you must first of all be in good standing and have the permits.

Construction supervision

If you have little time or anyone who can follow the work, rely on an expert, he will check the regular progress of the Pandan Indah condo work.

Fundamental advice for the best outcome of the works with:

  • verification of execution in accordance with the rules of art and compliance with the Final Project
  • compliance with execution times
  • management of work progress  and payments
  • Delivery and illustration of any Executive Projects
  • Site management control and compliance with rules

Tax deductions

Tax deductions are the amounts that the taxpayer has the right to subtract from the gross tax (total income tax owed to the state) to establish the net tax due. So if you have recently bought your new home, and are considering renovating it or carrying out an improvement intervention from the point of view of the energy performance of the property, we recommend that you inform me about tax deductions.

Those who incur expenses for building renovation works can benefit from the tax deduction of 36%. For expenses incurred from 26 June 2019 to 31 December 2020, the personal income tax deduction rises to 50%.

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money and house 770x400 - Prepare for Your Future and Buy a Property

Prepare for Your Future and Buy a Property

When you are still young and earning, it is the right time to start planning for your future. Don’t dwell so much that you have capable parents as you can’t simply rely on them when they are also getting old. You can just let them enjoy their golden years without giving them worries because you are still floating. 

What is the best way to prepare for your future? Well, the most basic need of a human aside from food of course is shelter. Thus, buying a property should be your focus now that you maybe you are still a bachelor or a married man without kids. Note that the moment you will have kids already, your expenses will balloon as well and for sure, setting aside funds for your future home will be close to impossible, unless you can really tighten your belt. 

Are you from Malaysia? Maybe in Kayu Ara or Ara Damansara? Well, there is really no need for you to look far as even in your area, you can already find good ara damansara condo that are listed for sale. As a matter of fact, you can check out the condo in your area that is for sale. 

This condo is fully furnished with top-grade appliances and the condo itself is already a kind of property that you will be prod of. It has 4 beds and 3 baths. Thus, this should be perfect even if you will start building your family. It should still be able to hold all of you comfortably. 

One good thing about the property is that it is freehold. It means that it can be totally yours. It also comes with two carparks and so, if both you and your wife is driving a car, this should make things more convenient. 

Another good thing about the property is that it is in a strategic location. It is near to some of the most important landmarks and if you happen to be a busy person, like your work is quite demanding, this should make it a little bit comfortable. 

Yes, this is indeed the right time for you to plan for the future home of your family. As a matter of fact, even if you are still unmarried, you should already consider getting a property as it will really pay in the future. This can make your life easier someday with your kids. 

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Top10 Consideration When Buying Property PROPCAFE 770x400 - What Makes the Pandan Perdana condo for rent So Special

What Makes the Pandan Perdana condo for rent So Special

After ten years of crisis where the selling prices of houses such as Pandan Perdana property for rent continued to fall inexorably albeit slightly, last year we witnessed a stability of prices, that is, they have not fallen or increased. Newly built properties alone recorded a very slight increase of 0.3%. This will lead to a slow increase in prices in the coming years.

Mortgage rates are at historic lows, the ECB to which we refer grants Malaysian banks zero-interest loans, therefore those who buy a house can get a mortgage at very low rates.

That said, unless you have a treasure that allows you not to resort to financing, before you start looking for a house you need to hear in the bank if and how much they can finance you. Listening to the bank means making an appointment with an employee of the bank’s mortgage office and showing him the documentation of your income (last tax return or CUD and last 3 pay slips or provisional balance sheet depending on whether you are self-employed or employee), so you know exactly if you can get a mortgage and what amount. For the Pandan Perdana condo for rent  or purchase, you would need it.

Choose the area

The choice of the area depends a lot on your personal needs. Often it is related to the family or the workplace, but it can also depend on the lifestyle.

In recent years, the following areas have aroused some interest:

  • Well served: shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, kindergartens, schools, bars, restaurants etc. Even if we are used to the car it is much more convenient to have everything close by.
  • Green: gardens and public parks a nice relaxing walk or a little leisure in nature is always good.
  • Well connected: both as roads and as public transport.

Condominium or single house?

Regardless of the size, which varies according to the number of people in the family, attention must be paid to the choice between an apartment in a condominium or a single house such as a house for rent Pandan Perdana.

The single house has a higher purchase and maintenance cost over the years, but has no condominium expenses or management of common spaces. It is also often equipped with a garden or an outdoor space with the possibility of parking the car inside.

Smart Choices

The condominium apartment has a lower cost than the single house , the maintenance costs are divided among all the condominiums, you are not isolated, but it can happen that you have problems with other condominiums that do not respect the rules.

anastasiia ostapovych Ih3D2UD DeU unsplash 770x400 - Why You Need A Skincare Routine

Why You Need A Skincare Routine

Good skincare is not important just for the superficial reasons that one might believe. A skincare routine is just like any other good habit for you. Nourishing, productive, and healthy!

Whether you are busy buried in your MLM software Malaysia major or the business you started up, you need a good daily skincare routine. It is not a miracle to have hydrated plump skin. Plump skin is a result of hard work. What we put on our faces and in our bodies has some long-lasting impacts. 

kalos skincare jyKa0Ynxvow unsplash 768x1024 - Why You Need A Skincare Routine
  • Helps You Look Youthful

Skincare is no magic pill in anti-aging but when comparing people who use skincare versus the one who does not, we can see clear effects of youth in the one who regularly uses skincare. As we are aging our cells turnover much slowly and collagen is slowly breaking down. But investing in suitable skincare can increase cell turnover and build up the collagen we need to stay youthful. It can also prevent scarring from a pimple or deep painful cystic acne. Hyperpigmentation also is fixed as a result of skincare. When thinking about the long term, the cost of treating hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and tightening up wrinkles can cost more than having a daily skincare routine. So in a way, you are saving up your money and looking radiant.

  • Prevent Skin Diseases

Skin diseases are the last of what we need. Whether it is eczema, psoriasis, or even skin cancer, it can be extremely hard to deal with the effects of skin diseases. It is visible and can be difficult to hide. However, using skincare on a daily basis can be a solution to this. Using SPF, a good moisturizer, and some vitamin C daily, you are on your way to preventing a lot of skin diseases. Our genetics is not the only thing responsible for skin diseases. Lifestyle also impacts it. And like as well say “prevention is better than cure” 

  • Better Mental Health 

When we look good, we feel good. When we invest in skincare, we certainly look better, plumper, and hydrated. People notice the difference as well but more importantly, you notice it and you feel it. Having good skin can make you feel like your best self and boost up the dose of confidence. The mental health issues stemmed from self-image can slowly return to a fixing point because of your good skincare habits as well. 

  • Encourage Other Healthy Routines

Skincare is a habit. And a routine that needs to implemented every day. When you start practicing one good habit, other good habits follow as well. When you start to notice the effect of putting work towards your skin, you can start to put the same self-discipline in other factors and sectors of your life. You can put it towards a healthy exercise routine to build up your body shape and remain healthy, you can even put in the same effort towards journaling and maybe even going after your passions. There is no telling what you should do. But starting with one good habit will motivate you to start more. Even if it means cleaning your room daily before skincare, or setting aside 30 minutes of your day for a HIIT session before hitting your skincare routine. 

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What Should You Know Once You Turn 18

Turning 18 is a huge celebration in many places. In the UK, it means you can consume alcohol and you’ve finally become an adult. In the US, it means it’s time to pack up and leave the home. In Asia, it means you’re an adult. Different cultures and countries have their own way of celebrating adulthood of every former high schooler. What most people don’t tell you after turning 18 is that there are several things you must do as you’re in your first few steps to adulthood. So here are some things you should know once you turn 18.

happy young couple doing purchase on internet together at 3767397 1 1024x683 - What Should You Know Once You Turn 18

First of all, if you have great money management and you can afford it, take a credit card. Credit cards are allowed to 18 year-olds in most countries but not in Malaysia. But you can take a joint credit card with your parents. Credit cards are a great way for you to rack up your credit score and improve your chances of getting a house-loan. A good credit score is a vital aspect of adulthood but sadly not even parents share this with their kids. If you’re a bad money manager, then stick to a debit card. It’s less hassle and you don’t have to worry about owing anyone money ever. With a credit card however, you can rack up points like 25% cashback on expenses or even free points to take flights anywhere.

Next, you should register to vote the moment you turn 18. Now, many countries allow you to vote when you’re 18 but not every country has an automatic registration for young voters. Parents who don’t teach their children, end up having adults who don’t know the voting system. If you have a kid over the age of 18, get them registered to vote. The process is as easy as it can get and they only need their IC for verification. This allows them to be a full-fledged member of the society whilst being a productive member. They can also take part in elections and exercise their power to vote.

Finally, if you’re 18 you can also start doing trading like forex in Malaysia. If you’re 18 and have some money saved up, you can start investing in too many platforms. Malaysia requires an older age of 21 but most other countries allow you to invest. You can register at your national stock exchange and start trading stocks and other goods. Be careful who or what you’re investing into because not all companies listed will give you a good return. You can also invest your money into safer funds such as mutual funds or unit trusts. These funds are low risk but give you an average of 8-10% returns each year, which although insignificant is a good way to start your investment portfolio. Most parents are not aware that their children can invest and build their income up and some don’t have financial literacy but if you have the resources and the right people near you, you should go for it.

All in all, if you’re an adult in your state, you should strive to do things that you can. Volunteer or invest so that you can give back to the society. Everyone should know their rights once they turn 18 due to the lack of awareness there is about being an adult. Good luck and happy adulting.

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charles deluvio DH FZZ7kM5c unsplash 770x400 - Home Renovation Tips

Home Renovation Tips

In renovating a house, it should be assured that all renovations are to make the house look more beautiful and more durable. No renovation will make the house brittle so when your newly renovated house gets damaged in just a single blow of a moderate storm or an average earthquake, then surely, The renovation that has been done is not good enough.

So, do you plan to renovate the house you acquire in Bangsar South? Do you think it is not parred enough to your expectations? If that is the case, you should hire the right team that can help you realize the kind of house you have in mind. 

Here are the tips for choosing the right team for the renovation of your house. 

lea bohm bt0it9pozXM unsplash 1024x683 - Home Renovation Tips
  • License. 

The people or the team that you should be hiring to renovate your house is the people who are professional in the field. You can’t just risk your house in hiring unprofessional house builders just so you can cut costs since this may just lead to failure and even make you pay more. Professional home builders always have a license with them since this is the very common thing that employers look for. 

  • Experience. 

A lot could go wrong in a house renovation and with this fact, you surely do not want to hire someone that is a newbie in the field since this would mean a greater chance of putting the house at risk. You should hire people with experience and people who can make good of what they have. Experienced people know how to maximize the resources given to them and that is why it is better to hire them. 

  • Reputation. 

Reputation is a very important factor to be able to succeed in business because if you have a good reputation, people would want to hire you for your services but if you have a bad reputation, people would avoid and would not want to hire or not have to do anything with you at all. 

Ampang Hilir is also a good place to look for a property in Malaysia. Thus, if you decide to buy another one or an Ampang Hilir property, you should check out this area or you can also tell your friends who are looking for a property to buy. 

download 7 - Why Titiwangsa is a Good Place for Your Next Residence

Why Titiwangsa is a Good Place for Your Next Residence

Are you from Malaysia? Are you looking for a property to buy because you are planning to start a family in the following year? Yes, when you are about to start a family, you should plan for it as this is a serious matter. This is not something you should just take lightly as if you will be careless about this, it is not only you and your wife who will suffer but also your future kids. 

download 7 - Why Titiwangsa is a Good Place for Your Next Residence

One of the best ways to prepare for your future family is to have a home ready for them. You see, buying a property needs careful planning as this will not just entail you to input a good amount of money, at the same time, this can also greatly affect to the comfort of your future family. 

If you want to be in a city where opportunities are many, you should choose to live in the capital city of the country or at least, near it like in klcc apartment for rent. Yes, I take it that you might be hesitant to buy a property in Kuala Lumpur as the cost of living here is quite expensive. It means that the properties in Kuala Lumpur might be more expensive as well. 

Titiwangsa is just a suburb that is on the outskirts of the capital city. So, if you are going to buy a property here, you will be benefitted from a more affordable rate, and you can also benefit from the offers that are present in Kuala Lumpur. 

You may not be aware of the many benefits of making a condo near klcc your next residence. In this part of Malaysia, you will find the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. You see, being near a hospital is a big benefit, not only for your future kids, but also for you since as you get older, you will surely check with your doctor every now and then. 

Another thing that you will enjoy in the mentioned place is the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, where there are a number of activities that are designed for families. Your future family will surely have a good time here like you won’t need to spend a lot of money just to have quality time. 

When it comes to the properties, you will find that there are so many options in this part of the country. You can go for a 3-bedroom apartment that is surrounded by great amenities like a swimming pool, spa, gym and many others. The property itself is fully furnished, so you don’t even need to buy appliances anymore. 

If you don’t like an apartment as well, you can choose the detached bungalow style that is semi-furnished. Sometimes, it is also great to buy a property that is not fully furnished so you can still find a spot for your fave appliances. 

Yes, you should not just settle down without a plan. If you want your future kids to have a comfortable life, you should at least buy a home for them ahead. 

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small business advice web 770x400 - Things To Incorporate In Your Business

Things To Incorporate In Your Business

A lot of people have got themselves involved in the business world including the small ones. People are starting to see the importance of having an extra income and savings as the economy of our country is really bad. But not everyone can accept, that having a business can be hard to handle at times. Nonetheless, it can still be done with developed strategies, caution steps, and faiths. But we are only going to focus on the things you can incorporate in your business to lift it higher enough to stand on its own. 

The first thing is hiring a team. A team might sound like too many people and you are just starting, but by what I mean the team is a small group that literally contains the important people in certain positioned that required expertise in your business. You have to remember that regardless your business is still small, you would need help from many points of view so you could save all the struggles you can avoid which is too much spending on anything not necessary, or getting better ideas in the strategies. Furthermore, with having people to manage it with you, it can also give space and time for yourself rather than you do all the work. 

961990d51e3594c7cefdcdf990820e6d 1024x768 - Things To Incorporate In Your Business

Second of all, try to indulge your business in marketing. As everyone is aware that marketing has the traditional ways and digital marketing, and it based on your preferences on the kind of marketing you would like to have for your business. But it is said that digital marketing is way efficient and convenient now compared to the traditional ways. You can do marketing on social media, website marketing, having Google Ads Campaign, and do social media ads. You can attract way more customers online because everyone is reducing the usage of paper, no one is buying the newspaper, so it is better to choose digital marketing. Click here for more information.

Lastly, if you are a business owner who owns a small business but requires cloud storage or computing and anything that relates to it, I would recommend you to get one for yourself. Because it is very important for your company and staff to be able to work and get the help to store all the information and small details like that a high-invention machines. You might think that it is expensive, but I can assure you that it is a good investment to especially get the best cloud storage devices.

To summarize, building a business can seem like impossible work to do, but it is only because you are just starting it and you’re not comfortable with it yet. But once you have made the decision to do the things I have mentioned above, I am sure that you are able to do it even better than anyone else. Your employees will guide you through it. Nonetheless, starting a business is not to stress your mind but to help you back, so have a bit of patience, and give it some time, your time will come. 

traffic 770x400 - Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Pretty sure now you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website. This article might be a helpful article for you because when many people visit your website it will help you with the ranking. Plus, it is really important to make your website on the first page of the google search. People said that you win if your website is on the first page of a google search because it is rare for people to go to the next page to click on the website. Normally people will only click the website on the first page only. If your website on the first page, it will help you to gain more audience actually. Now, let’s focus on ways to increase traffic to your website. 

  1. Link to a social media account

It is really important to put your website link in the social media account. It is because now people will go to the social media account first plus many people spent on social media than a search engine. For your information, people spent around 2 hours 30 minutes per day on social media the time might increase. Most people will use more than one social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. They might spend more than 2 hours 30 minutes on one social media. This is good for you to market your business on social media and it is really important to link your website to your social media account. When your target audience sees your social media profile trust me they will tend to click your website link to see more details about your company. Your social media also must always be active to make sure your target audience notices you.

trafficc - Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website
  1. Great content

If your website has great content many people want to see it. The next thing besides great content is design. Your website design must always keep up to date and the important thing is the website needs to be a user-friendly one. If your website has a perfect design it is a bonus but it is really important to have great content but make sure you always update the content. If you do not have a great website design yet you can hire a web design company by type “top 5 web design companies Malaysia” or “top 10 web design companies Malaysia” on the search engine. 

  1. Focus on SEO

SEO means search engine optimization is a really important thing to focus on. It will help you to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO also will help you to make a better user experience and it will help you to understand the environment of the website. SEO also actually does not cost much money if you do it by yourself but if you cannot do it like do not have enough knowledge about it you can hire the best SEO company Malaysia

If you want to increase the traffic to your website it is really important to do all these 3 things so what are you waiting for and do all these three things to increase your website traffic. 

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how to survive slow season as wedding photographer 770x400 - Common Mistakes when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Common Mistakes when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your coming wedding is surely going to be one if not the most memorable moments of both you and your partner’s lives. For sure you spent sleepless nights just imagining how your wedding will end up. Maybe you can hardly wait for the big day to come. That is definitely understandable as each of our lifetimes; we are supposed to be wed only once. Thus making it the time of your life is just right. 

unnamed 1 - Common Mistakes when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

One of the things every couple about to be wed must take care of is hiring a wedding photographer. Now don’t think this is not important and it can just be handled the day before the wedding day. That should not be for, as a matter of fact, wedding photographers are one of the most important characters in every wedding ceremony. Without them, there will be no pictures for you to look back or to show to your kids. No wedding pictures to display in your homes. That would be very odd then, is it not?

To give you an idea about hiring a wedding photographer, here are some common mistakes some couples made:

  • They tend to make the mistake of not knowing the personality of the photographer. It is important that the two of you are both familiar with the photographer. He should be someone you are comfortable with so that your wedding pictures will come out natural. If the photographer you hired is impatient or unknown to you, then there is a chance your pictures will not come out as good as you want them to be. 
  • They prioritize the album rather than the quality of photography. This is obviously very wrong for what will be the use of the good package if the contents are with poor quality. If you are hiring a cheap photographer because you are out of the budget since you have chosen a very expensive album, that will be the outcome. The reason why he charges you cheaply is that he is not that skilled in coming up with great pictures. So, better to go for the best photographer and just buy an expensive album if you already have the money. No one is giving you a deadline about that anyway.
  • If you are hiring someone who is not skilled to take pictures for your wedding day, don’t expect much of it.  Being a skilled photographer is not as easy as it seems. You have to be trained with lots of practice. That is why, if you will just let a relative do the job, then be ready for the not-so-good results as well.

Do you want to make sure you will get a reliable photographer to immortalize your wedding? If that is the case, you better check out packages for Malay wedding first as through them, you can get in touch with A1 vendors. That is right as most of the time, wedding package providers are connected with vendors that are the best in the industry they are part of. 

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lower electric bill - Ways to reduce monthly electric bill

Ways to reduce monthly electric bill

For people who have a house, a part of their salary would go to paying the utility bills. The highest bill among all the utility bills is the electric bill. It can cost up to a thousand, depending on the usage during one whole month. People sometimes struggle to pay for their electric bills because it is too much. Now during the Covid-19, when lockdown occur in some countries, people are staying at home for an extended period of time and the whole time they would use the electricity which would result in a significant increase in their electric bill. For some, there may be no problem but to others it may be a huge problem, but do not be afraid, read this article and you will find out the ways one can reduce their monthly electric bill.

1 – Use LED lights

LED lights is more efficient than other lights such as Fluorescent. They are 80% better than other lights. The energy that is lost as heat is only 5% while the rest 95% are converted into light while it is the opposite for fluorescent lights. It also uses less power, where it uses only 36 watt, compared to 84 watt for fluorescent light. Not only do they conserve power, they can last up to six times longer than any other light. It also helps nature, through decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. This is the efficiency of LED light. It would surely help in reducing your electric bill per month. Although, it may be a bit more expensive than fluorescent light, but this is a long-term investment so that your monthly electric bill can be reduced.

sixteenNine Does It Help If You Turn Devices Off At the Wall - Ways to reduce monthly electric bill

2 – Unplug when not in use

Every time something is left plugged into the switched-on socket, it is still conducting electricity even though it is switched off. Thus, the best way to deal with this is to unplug everything so that there will be no wasted electricity that causes high electric bill at the end of the month. An acquaintance once told me that he did this for one whole month and fortunately, his electric bill drop about 60% from the previous month. Until today he still practices this method. 

3 – Switch to solar power

It does not necessarily mean you have to change your entire house to solar power but little things that can be changed easily to solar panel or things that are solar-powered, like water pumps for fountains or swimming pools, outdoor lights and even power banks. If you can find solar powered power banks, you can save electricity because you would not have to charge it. However, if you would like to change your house to solar power and purchase solar panels that can give you electricity, you can actually sell your collected electricity to companies, such as TNB. Do your research thoroughly and compare the pros and cons before you actually take a step towards this. 

Electricity can be a burden to some people, especially for those with a family. You can try these steps to actually reduce your monthly electric bill. People who currently looking for a house can search for condo for sale in Cheras and you will find a vast array of home options in Cheras. 

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191003031751 05 malaysia best islands 770x400 - Best Beaches In Malaysia

Best Beaches In Malaysia

Malaysia has steadily moved its way up the ranks of all the other beach destinations available on earth. Tourism in Malaysia has become more and more important as it brings in and contributes to a significant amount of our GDP. The politicians have realized that there is untapped potential here and there’s something that could be made out of the tourism sector. There are currently 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia and politicians have set in motion a set of rules that can help protect these heritage sites from being damaged. The politicians have also decided the change the budgeting system in Malaysia so that more money from our overall budget can be channeled to help preserve and promote the tourism sector of Malaysia. A part of the budget is also used to help make sure the Beaches in Malaysia is in top shape for future tourists. Malaysia is known as a tropical getaway for most people and they mainly come to relax on the white sandy beaches. Out of all the beaches that can be visited in Malaysia, Some of them outrank the others based on multiple parameters but mostly because of the beauty of it.

  1. Langkawi

Langkawi is normally regarded as one of the local getaways for most people but it has been gaining traction internationally and more and more people are visiting this destination. Langkawi is regarded as a chill location that sun-loving people normally go to. The resorts in Langkawi offer customized services that give you the best and most relaxing getaway you can ever imagine. There are a couple of spots to go snorkeling or diving in Langkawi but it’s not necessarily the best place to do it, Langkawi is less of an adventurous spot and more of a relaxing one.

  1. Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach 1 - Best Beaches In Malaysia

Penang is pretty similar to Langkawi in traits but there’s just a couple of things that set it apart. Penang is more suburban and more people live there than Langkawi. The Batu Ferringhi beach is amazing because of the vibe it puts out. It’s filled with life and interesting people to meet there. The beaches are also filled with many bars that give a very chill vibe. If the beaches don’t interest you then the food there just might. Penang is also home to the various dishes that you might find native to Penang. Rest assured that if Penang is your choice for a destination then you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Terengganu

Terengganu might not sound like the best destination initially but when you hear the words Pulau Redang then most people will know why Terengganu is on the list. Terengganu is on this list because scuba diving redang is an amazing escapade from life. You can even get diving lessons there and acquire your diving license. The amazing sea views are also what bring people back here.

The next time you plan a trip where you plan to get sun-kissed then maybe contemplate picking one of these destinations. 

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download 93 - Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

One of the most exciting technologies for growth today in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is defined as intelligence displayed by machines, like robots and androids, a contrast to natural intelligence demonstrated by humans and animals. It is also defined as, “any devices that can observe its environment and adapt to maximize its chances of achieving its objective”. Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time. It is now very much a big part of our lives. It has been a part of the world’s growth towards a world of automation. Artificial Intelligence can be found most often in IT security. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the IT security is constantly improving. It is a significant technology in the development of Industry 4.0 where it put emphasis on the digitization of manufacturing. More and more companies around the world are investing in Artificial Intelligence and because of this, people are competing in building an enhanced, more effective, Artificial Intelligence to modernize the world. This article would write about the three advantages of Artificial Intelligence. 

download 92 - Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

1 – Automates processes

Artificial Intelligence enables robots to automatically, without human 

interference, create repetitive, routine and process optimization tasks. They can perform at a higher efficacy than human. They can consistently attend to their job without any rests. There is no need for human to interrupt or help it because Artificial Intelligence can adapt to any job given. 

2 – Enhance creativity 

AI encourages humans to spend more time on creative functions through liberating people from boring and tedious tasks. It would be more rewarding for human because human have the chance to cultivate our creativity so that they would be able to do jobs where Artificial Intelligence have no place in. For example, Artificial Intelligence cannot take pictures of landscapes around the world because they don’t have the ability to travel around the world, so this task is given to humans and through this task, we develop our creative side.

3 – Take risks instead of human 

There have been many cases where humans get injured while on work, due to handling challenging tasks. Some even lose their limbs after sustaining injury at work. Not only this is a disadvantage to the worker, but it is also a disadvantage to the company because they would have to pay for the worker’s compensation claim. However, with an Artificial Intelligence, such as Malaysia Advantech these dangers can be reduced to none. When a machine does work instead of human, the risks for injuries would lessen significantly. The perfect example is when Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion happened, no human are able to go near the power plant because of severe radiation but because there were no Artificial Intelligence robot at the time so they could not properly extinguish the fire but if there existed a robot that can help extinguish the fire without being affected by the radiation, the fire could have been controlled immediately. 

Artificial Intelligence has influenced our generation greatly and it is visible that the industrial automation company in Malaysia is adapting this concept to their factories. It would significantly improve our economy if we eventually adopt this concept entirely. 

what is site 600x270 1 - What is a web developer?

What is a web developer?

In this advanced technological era, the number of people that are using the Internet is increasing rapidly since the year it was invented which is in the 1970s by Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn. Up till now, there are many things and information that has been uploaded on the Internet throughout the years. The website is one of the elements that can be found on the Internet. A website is a webpage that usually contains information that is created by a person or an agency that is called a web developer. Nowadays, a web developer has been one of the most requested jobs and best career choice in this modern era. If you want to pursue any awards for your career as a web developer, you might want to participate in web developer awards Malaysia.

browsingtheweb image - What is a web developer?

Web developers are a person who in charge of designing websites regarding the client’s design or come up with their own design. They develop websites by inserting the codings for the website which is a bit complicated work to do. Web developers have to know the English language and translate it into HTML and Python which are languages that the computer can understand. This may take a long time because web developers have to insert the code which is already complicated and they have to check if there is an error on the code to make sure the code will work perfectly on the website.

Types of web developer

There are different types of web developer that specializes in a specific area. This is because website development usually involving a large group of people or an agency for a different part of the website. There are three main positions of the web developers which are back end, front end and full-stack. 

  1. Back end developers

Back end developers are the developers that are in charge of the server-side of the website which is they have to do the programming of the code for the server of the website and the databases. They also have to do the coding as fast as possible without any error or problem that may cause the website to malfunction.

  1. Front end developers

Front end developers are the developers that are responsible for the design of the website whether it is from the client’s design or the design that is from the design team. They have to construct the design into the coding program to get the design that is required. Front end developers have to understand programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are the important elements in web development.

  1. Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers are the developers that have to know both the front and end structure of the coding because they have to check the position of the coding whether it is perfect or not. So basically, full-stack developers have to understand the structure of the coding program for the website because usually these developers are assigned to develop a whole website. 

In conclusion, web developers are a group of person or an organization that is in charge of developing a website for their clients. The career as a web developer is a bit complicated because it involving accuracy and details on the coding. To be a web developer, one must have a clear vision of being a web developer. If not, it will be pretty hard to achieve it.

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20180207211503 GettyImages 523719253 770x400 - An Introvert’s Guide to Earning an Income

An Introvert’s Guide to Earning an Income

Being an introvert means that you’re most probably quiet or reserved however in some cases, you might just be someone who finds it difficult to open up to people and prefer just remaining in a small group of friends. This is most probably because introverts find it stressful to be in loud or hectic situations. Which is perfectly fine and you should be able to decide what’s comfortable and uncomfortable for yourself. However, some might ask the question of, how do introverts make a living by just staying in their bubble when they can try to get out of their comfort zone and do stuff. Well, we should be able to accept that we can’t always push people to do things they’re uncomfortable with, which will most likely increase stress or even cause depression. Thus, here are some ways that introverts can increase their income without being in any stressful situations.

  • Start an online business

Online businesses offer such a variety of things to sell. Ranging from food to homemade products that you can produce and deliver from the comfort of your own home. You could start selling homemade jewellery or provide a categorised platform to cater to specific things people might find hard to look for on a wide online shopping platform. Make it neat and aesthetically pleasing for the consumers so that they find it easy to purchase through you. Plus, if you do enough research on online transactions, you will find out that receiving payment and delivering products can be easily done from your home.

  • Content writing

This is the perfect activity if you enjoy writing in any context or any form. A bunch of websites on the internet are always looking for freelance writers to provide content for their websites or even average quality articles to higher their rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Safari. You could make up to, or more than, RM2 500 per month as a freelance writer just by writing articles. 

1 EioSQpM0 jj VeOPpcNubw 1024x538 - An Introvert’s Guide to Earning an Income
  • Online games and streams

If you’re a person who loves gaming, then consider making money off of it. Streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Discord and many more provide payment for players who have built up a following on their gaming streams. Other than that, some games earn you benefits or winning money when you play. For instance, online casinos in Malaysia like kiss918. Though, remember to play at your risk and play smart. 

  • Be the voice for audiobooks

An avid book reader would love this job because this allows you to simply read books aloud for platforms like Audible and get paid. Getting up to RM400 or USD 100 per hour of completed audio. So take advantage and make money out of reading for extra income.

In a nutshell, there are so many other ways, even ones that haven’t been mentioned, to make money while just staying in the comfort of your own home. Something that you like to do might just earn you money so make the most of it. Don’t let being an introvert stop you from making extra money.

apps mobile 100721214 large 700x400 - Why mobile app is essential to your business

Why mobile app is essential to your business

Mobile applications are very popular nowadays. This is due to the many benefits you can obtain from using mobile apps. Mobile apps can vary from games to online shopping to online banking and this shows how progressive these applications have become throughout the years. Everyone has a phone; it is undeniable that having a mobile application would be a huge advantage to business owners. It is what connects your business better with your customers and it is the representation of your business to users out there. Through mobile applications, you can enhance the user experience by providing them with customized experience which would appeal you to users of all ages, gender, and nationality. Here are three other reasons why business owners should have a mobile application for their business. 

1 – Easy accessibility

A lot of business owners believe social media to be a sufficient platform to do your business. This may be true but it would be a hassle for your customers to log in to their social media account, find for your business, by typing in your name and scrolling through other similar usernames and browse through the products you offer before making their order or purchase. When you have a mobile application, it would be your own app and there is no other business to disturb yours there. The products offer would be your alone, the purchase would be made directly to your business and there is no chance for the customer to compare your products to other businesses that would have a similar username as yours. It is your shop but just online. It would have a huge benefit to your business because of the easy access to your products and services.

photo 1024x768 - Why mobile app is essential to your business

2 – Allows customer to leave feedbacks

When a mobile application only offers your products, your customers can have direct communication with your business. They can leave feedback through emails or comments at the bottom of the products. You can even give your customer private their comments so that only you can see what they want to say, whether it is a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. This may seem trivial to some people, but it can be very valuable to your business because having customers are your source of income. If you can make any comments with an open mind, it would give you the chance of improving your business because it is important that a business grows along with its customers and not alone. It can even help you discover what are the likes and dislikes of your customers so that you can adapt to their demands more effectively. 

3 – Expand the customer base

As mentioned above, when you have a mobile app, your customers have the luxury of personalizing the app to their preference which would appeal to users of all ages, genders, nationalities, etc. Your target audience would be widened because your mobile app is able to appease everyone. Your revenue would surely increase because everyone, no matter the difference, can come and use your mobile application. When you develop a mobile application, it would be made available across many app stores, such as google play store, Apple app store, and many more. People would have the access to download your mobile application anytime they want, anywhere they are. You can also achieve this through advertising your mobile application online and if you have social media or other websites, you can link them there and people can find your mobile app through those platforms as well. 

These are three reasons why business owners should have a mobile app for their business. This is applicable to small business owners as well because it would definitely increase your sales. If you have a business in Malaysia and you are looking for mobile app developers, you can visit DZOO. It is the best mobile app agency in Malaysia and they specialize in making sure your mobile application would always be at the top of its game to attract more customers for your business. Learn something new every day by clicking here.

buying a property - Is buying a property in Malaysia a worth it investment?

Is buying a property in Malaysia a worth it investment?

There are lots and lots of emerging businesses nowadays. Wherever you look, one can always see a stood and still business, whether it is a building, a street food stall. Business includes small and medium scale business, large businesses, solo businesses and many more types that attracts more people to enter into it at most hopeful reasons. There may be times that few went into business yet declared loss but there were also times that people were successful and became helpful to the economy themselves. As for example, KL Sentral had a lot of property for sale that might help people to build a business.  How about buying real estate? Are they a good investment so far?

It can never be denied that indulging in real estate is one of the most promising businesses at present. Every day, lots and lots of people are making the best out of the business. There is an extreme demand for lands and houses because people want to settle and make the best out of their lives. With the help of houses and commercial spaces, one can squeeze from their potentials, skills and talents that can be monetized or used to entertain and help the society. This is just one of the reasons why people want to indulge in business. They want to fix the issues and problems faced by society while making a profit at the same time.

buying house concept woman hands holding model house keys buying an investment property dt FEATURE 01 1 - Is buying a property in Malaysia a worth it investment?

Real Estates can be a promising investment yet there were people who have failed to excel not because of the nature of the business but because of their attitudes that are toxic and not good when doing business in property investment. Having to work on real estate requires an individual to be vigilant and responsible to the prices and value of properties. It is such an expensive and nerve-wracking strand of business that it would certainly challenge the should, the mind and the overall being of a person. Real Estate management is then hard and challenging as it involves a large amount of money and that people are hesitant to let go of their funds whatever size and the amount it will be. Money and hard work in most cases are connected. Money cannot be given freely at all times except for those that are fond of doing donations, and raffles. But in most cases, no one would really let go of a large amount of money without having an assurance that the destination of spending is worth it or not. Thus, in order to gain the trust of people, as an investor of the real estate or an owner of business property, one has to make sure that services are of qualities and it can satisfy clients and customers at its best.

In the end, everything would only depend on the way it is handled whether it is for investment, for leisure, for personal purposes and many more reasons behind decisions. Now back to the question, is buying a property a worthy investment? It all depends on the effort and thoughts exerted in it that makes the outcome of decisions successful or not. 

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