Choose the style to give to your home, choose the colors, materials and finishes, the furnishings and make it yours.

Who to turn to get the most out of your home?

If you need to renovate or furnish a house, but you don’t know where to start, contact an architect or an interior designer and if you have doubts about colors and materials, entrust yourself to a Personal Shopper then the Architect or Interior Designer will help you to reorganize and furnish the space of your new home according to your needs. For Pandan Indah apartment such options are open.

In addition, they will also be able to advise and help you with building or cadastral practices and with choosing the right company to work for. The elaboration of a Specifications and Metric Calculation will allow you to compare the estimates of the various companies and to choose the one with the best quality or price ratio. A personalized pandan indah condominium based on your tastes and needs will become your “Home”.

Have you already decided on the internal distribution of the spaces?

Do you already have a project in plan, quoted to give to the company to carry out the work? Do you know which construction company to contact? Get informed; on prices and timing for building practices; because in order to start demolishing you must first of all be in good standing and have the permits.

Construction supervision

If you have little time or anyone who can follow the work, rely on an expert, he will check the regular progress of the Pandan Indah condo work.

Fundamental advice for the best outcome of the works with:

  • verification of execution in accordance with the rules of art and compliance with the Final Project
  • compliance with execution times
  • management of work progress  and payments
  • Delivery and illustration of any Executive Projects
  • Site management control and compliance with rules

Tax deductions

Tax deductions are the amounts that the taxpayer has the right to subtract from the gross tax (total income tax owed to the state) to establish the net tax due. So if you have recently bought your new home, and are considering renovating it or carrying out an improvement intervention from the point of view of the energy performance of the property, we recommend that you inform me about tax deductions.

Those who incur expenses for building renovation works can benefit from the tax deduction of 36%. For expenses incurred from 26 June 2019 to 31 December 2020, the personal income tax deduction rises to 50%.

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