If you want to learn more about a particular topic in your field of study, a course is a good option. A class allows you to discuss and explore a given topic with other students and a teacher.

What is a secretarial course? 

A secretarial course is a class that familiarizes students with the profession and working conventions of secretarial work. It can be part of a certification or career training program, and it is likely to cover topics such as proper typing techniques, proofreading, communication, and organization. Other parts of the diploma in secretarial management may cover career opportunities and the history of the secretarial profession.

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Students enrolled in a secretarial course can often take advantage of several benefits. Skills and knowledge such as typing, time management, organization and communication are often desirable in all areas and the skills you gain from a course can make you a candidate for positions that have higher wages.

The cost of a secretarial course is determined by the number of credits, the level at which the course is taken and the school you attend. For a more precise estimate, it is best to contact the school of your choice.

A secretarial course is primarily designed for students who are interested in working as secretaries, but similar positions include receptionist, office manager, and executive assistant. One of the biggest advantages of secretarial training is its suitability for almost any position so that students can pursue jobs in any field where clerical work is required. Other possibilities include being a personal assistant or offering general office support.

Objectives of the Management Secretariat Course

Make each of our students become a professional with full competence in all the procedures of the Management Secretariat.

Prepare specialists in business communication, event management techniques, and document and file organization.

Professional opportunities of the Management Secretariat Course

Functions of a Management Secretary

As secretary of management, you will be in charge of assuming the organization of events, the management of the executive agenda, as well as all kinds of fundamental issues for the proper functioning of any company.

Agenda of the Management Secretariat Course

In this course you will find contents such as the following:

  • Administration and management of communications of the Directorate.
  • Management of meetings, trips and events.
  • Preparation, treatment and presentation of working documents.
  • Internship of the Management Secretariat Course

As part of your training the Management Secretariat, once you pass the theoretical contents, we send you to do professional internships in administration, between 60 and 300 hours, in companies in your sector so that you know your job in depth and have the experience required to start work.