After ten years of crisis where the selling prices of houses such as Pandan Perdana property for rent continued to fall inexorably albeit slightly, last year we witnessed a stability of prices, that is, they have not fallen or increased. Newly built properties alone recorded a very slight increase of 0.3%. This will lead to a slow increase in prices in the coming years.

Mortgage rates are at historic lows, the ECB to which we refer grants Malaysian banks zero-interest loans, therefore those who buy a house can get a mortgage at very low rates.

That said, unless you have a treasure that allows you not to resort to financing, before you start looking for a house you need to hear in the bank if and how much they can finance you. Listening to the bank means making an appointment with an employee of the bank’s mortgage office and showing him the documentation of your income (last tax return or CUD and last 3 pay slips or provisional balance sheet depending on whether you are self-employed or employee), so you know exactly if you can get a mortgage and what amount. For the Pandan Perdana condo for rent  or purchase, you would need it.

Choose the area

The choice of the area depends a lot on your personal needs. Often it is related to the family or the workplace, but it can also depend on the lifestyle.

In recent years, the following areas have aroused some interest:

  • Well served: shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, kindergartens, schools, bars, restaurants etc. Even if we are used to the car it is much more convenient to have everything close by.
  • Green: gardens and public parks a nice relaxing walk or a little leisure in nature is always good.
  • Well connected: both as roads and as public transport.

Condominium or single house?

Regardless of the size, which varies according to the number of people in the family, attention must be paid to the choice between an apartment in a condominium or a single house such as a house for rent Pandan Perdana.

The single house has a higher purchase and maintenance cost over the years, but has no condominium expenses or management of common spaces. It is also often equipped with a garden or an outdoor space with the possibility of parking the car inside.

Smart Choices

The condominium apartment has a lower cost than the single house , the maintenance costs are divided among all the condominiums, you are not isolated, but it can happen that you have problems with other condominiums that do not respect the rules.