In this advanced technological era, the number of people that are using the Internet is increasing rapidly since the year it was invented which is in the 1970s by Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn. Up till now, there are many things and information that has been uploaded on the Internet throughout the years. The website is one of the elements that can be found on the Internet. A website is a webpage that usually contains information that is created by a person or an agency that is called a web developer. Nowadays, a web developer has been one of the most requested jobs and best career choice in this modern era. If you want to pursue any awards for your career as a web developer, you might want to participate in web developer awards Malaysia.

browsingtheweb image - What is a web developer?

Web developers are a person who in charge of designing websites regarding the client’s design or come up with their own design. They develop websites by inserting the codings for the website which is a bit complicated work to do. Web developers have to know the English language and translate it into HTML and Python which are languages that the computer can understand. This may take a long time because web developers have to insert the code which is already complicated and they have to check if there is an error on the code to make sure the code will work perfectly on the website.

Types of web developer

There are different types of web developer that specializes in a specific area. This is because website development usually involving a large group of people or an agency for a different part of the website. There are three main positions of the web developers which are back end, front end and full-stack. 

  1. Back end developers

Back end developers are the developers that are in charge of the server-side of the website which is they have to do the programming of the code for the server of the website and the databases. They also have to do the coding as fast as possible without any error or problem that may cause the website to malfunction.

  1. Front end developers

Front end developers are the developers that are responsible for the design of the website whether it is from the client’s design or the design that is from the design team. They have to construct the design into the coding program to get the design that is required. Front end developers have to understand programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are the important elements in web development.

  1. Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers are the developers that have to know both the front and end structure of the coding because they have to check the position of the coding whether it is perfect or not. So basically, full-stack developers have to understand the structure of the coding program for the website because usually these developers are assigned to develop a whole website. 

In conclusion, web developers are a group of person or an organization that is in charge of developing a website for their clients. The career as a web developer is a bit complicated because it involving accuracy and details on the coding. To be a web developer, one must have a clear vision of being a web developer. If not, it will be pretty hard to achieve it.

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