For people who have a house, a part of their salary would go to paying the utility bills. The highest bill among all the utility bills is the electric bill. It can cost up to a thousand, depending on the usage during one whole month. People sometimes struggle to pay for their electric bills because it is too much. Now during the Covid-19, when lockdown occur in some countries, people are staying at home for an extended period of time and the whole time they would use the electricity which would result in a significant increase in their electric bill. For some, there may be no problem but to others it may be a huge problem, but do not be afraid, read this article and you will find out the ways one can reduce their monthly electric bill.

1 – Use LED lights

LED lights is more efficient than other lights such as Fluorescent. They are 80% better than other lights. The energy that is lost as heat is only 5% while the rest 95% are converted into light while it is the opposite for fluorescent lights. It also uses less power, where it uses only 36 watt, compared to 84 watt for fluorescent light. Not only do they conserve power, they can last up to six times longer than any other light. It also helps nature, through decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. This is the efficiency of LED light. It would surely help in reducing your electric bill per month. Although, it may be a bit more expensive than fluorescent light, but this is a long-term investment so that your monthly electric bill can be reduced.

sixteenNine Does It Help If You Turn Devices Off At the Wall - Ways to reduce monthly electric bill

2 – Unplug when not in use

Every time something is left plugged into the switched-on socket, it is still conducting electricity even though it is switched off. Thus, the best way to deal with this is to unplug everything so that there will be no wasted electricity that causes high electric bill at the end of the month. An acquaintance once told me that he did this for one whole month and fortunately, his electric bill drop about 60% from the previous month. Until today he still practices this method. 

3 – Switch to solar power

It does not necessarily mean you have to change your entire house to solar power but little things that can be changed easily to solar panel or things that are solar-powered, like water pumps for fountains or swimming pools, outdoor lights and even power banks. If you can find solar powered power banks, you can save electricity because you would not have to charge it. However, if you would like to change your house to solar power and purchase solar panels that can give you electricity, you can actually sell your collected electricity to companies, such as TNB. Do your research thoroughly and compare the pros and cons before you actually take a step towards this. 

Electricity can be a burden to some people, especially for those with a family. You can try these steps to actually reduce your monthly electric bill. People who currently looking for a house can search for condo for sale in Cheras and you will find a vast array of home options in Cheras. 

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