If you are constantly in your car for work or for other reasons, your car becomes your second home. Sometimes moving around constantly is great for people, but for others it feels unsteady and spontaneous. Whichever way you feel about it, we have a few tips for you to make your journey better. Whether it is a long or short trip, keeping these things in your car or on your person can help make the journey more fun or bearable while ensuring that you are safe and secure by all means necessary. 

1.     Do you have a spare key to your car?

It is good practice to have a spare set of keys. You may think ‘I’m never going to need them’ but you never know until it happens. You may leave them in the ignition or accidentally drop them somewhere. Where you decide to keep your spare key is up to you, but ensuring you have a second set can make a large difference in whether you get home or not. 

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2.     Do you know the route you’re taking?

Especially for long trips, knowing the route you are taking is an important thing. It not only allows you to know when you are lost, but if you are, it reduces the amount of time you spend looking for a familiar place to reroute. Sometimes, our GPS systems do not compute accurately and, therefore, we must be prepared for this. Look at the stops along the way so that you can tick them off as you drive. 

3.     Do you have a spare tire and a toolkit?

These are common car accessories. A spare tire is a must have, and so is a tool kit to keep in the boot. Knowing how to change a tire is important. It limits the amount of time you spend on the side of the road, especially if the area is one that is unfamiliar or desolate. Make sure all your equipment is in good shape, so that you work efficiently. Before you start off on your journey, it is good practice to understand your car, how it works, and what may give you trouble if it is something that has been problematic before.

4.     Does your car have hygiene and first-aid products?

Keeping your car clean and fresh is important, because it makes the journey comfortable and less stressful. A cluttered car can also make it difficult to use the car’s functions. Imagine trying to drive with plastic bottles all over your car pedals, or an obscured windshield. Keep your car as tidy as possible, and disinfect it with a strong disinfectant like Dr. Clo Malaysia. A first aid kit is also a good kit to keep around in case of cuts, bruises and other emergencies. Knowing basic first aid is also an advantage.