Media is everywhere around the world and in our lives. Every day we are being exposed to the world of media. From all of the social media that we constantly check to the newspaper that we read every day and the news that watch on the television. Every day the content in the media changes and we will always update ourselves with all of the changes. It has been like that for years, and media have the power to change our perspective and thinking about certain issues. 

Not only that, but the media also help us to be connected with every issue all around the world. With the help from the media, we know about the political issues that are happening in the United State of America, the media also tell us about the current fashion trend that is slowly evolving in France. Without media, we will be lost and we will have no idea about what is happening all around the world, we wouldn’t even know what is happening to the next city.

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Nowadays, we can just easily check the news on our smartphones. Just a scroll and we will know what is happening around us. With the help of SEO Malaysia, we can easily look for articles or news about certain issues. Here are more reasons why media is important in our life. 

  1. Aware of the surroundings 

Media tells us news about many different things, this will allow us to know about our surroundings and what is happening around them. It also lets us know about all of the issues and news that are happening in a different country. Being aware of all the news will make us have a better understanding and empathy towards other people. 

  1. New perspectives 

Reading about the news or issues will let us create a whole new different perspective. For example, if we have a negative perspective toward a certain issue and we educate ourselves more by reading in the media maybe our perspectives will change. Normalize changing our perspectives and opinion after educating ourselves. That is why it is important for us to keep in touch with the media and to know all of the current issues that are happening. 

  1. Critical thinking 

The media is also important in our education because it will allow the readers to develop critical thinking skills. The young generation will know that it is important for them to make detailed research and open their mind to different opinions about a certain issue. It is important for this young generation to not jump to conclusions and thoroughly think about something. That is why media is really important for these generations’ development, they need to be able to know what is right and what is wrong. 

  1. New information 

The media content will change every day and every second. They will have different information about different things. Reading and exposing ourselves to the media can really be beneficial for our knowledge. We can gain new information every time we read news in the media outlets. Sometimes, the information that we read is not being taught in class and that is why it is important for us to constantly read and know about the media. 

  1. Platform 

Thousands and millions of people read the news every day. This is the right platform for us to speak up and let the world know about a serious issue. For example, people from the United State of America use their media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to spread the news about George Floyd, a black man that died due to police brutality. Thanks to the media people all over the world know about this issue and they are also participating in the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). This is why media is important for everyone because no matter where we live we can know about the current issues and we can do something to help them. 

There are many more reasons why media is important in our lives, we live in a world where media is everything and everything is being controlled by the media. So it is important to educate ourselves and not immediately believe all of the stories and news that the media shows. Make research from different media platforms and choose the right side. Everything we do and choose will have its consequences so it is up to us to choose the right and correct one.