In the past 20 years, technology has seen a massive leap in development than in the past 100 years. With the invention of smartphones, it opens up plenty of potential for users to consume content and search for information quickly on their mobile device. Although some older phones provided access to the internet, it was clunky, ugly, unreliable and slow, especially when 2.4G Wifi was the only available internet connection. Additionally, typing on the keys was unreliable and slow, which takes up way too much time just to search for the best place to drink coffee. Today, smartphones provide a faster and smoother experience for users to browse through the internet, which could be similar to how they would search up for information on the computer. The creation of 5G WiFi also allows smartphones to connect to the internet more easily and faster which provides a smooth transition from one page to another, although it requires smartphones to be able to support 5G. 

Besides that, Facebook has boosted the value and prominence of having a smartphone significantly as it provides a platform for users to communicate and socialize with their family, friends and even strangers from overseas for free. This would also lead to the development of other social media that we know today such as Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more. Although some of these apps have features for specific uses, they are eventually bought by Facebook which provides these developers more budget to develop their apps but sacrificing their creative freedom. Nowadays, many social media apps share similar features that were once unique to an app. For example, Instagram was the first app to introduce the story feature, which allows users to post pictures and videos that are cycles within a few seconds. This would allow users to share at-the-moment content more quickly and compact these content in a single profile until the viewer reaches to the end or manually cycles through other profiles. Few years later, you can find this feature in almost every social media app like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and even Youtube.

Today, social media has become the main source of information, entertainment and generating income as it provides a platform for users to access all kinds of content more easily. It also allows users to become celebrities with ease as they can generate content based on trends, which makes TikTok and Youtube some of the most valuable apps for these celebrities to generate content. Because of that, social media apps decrease the value of traditional media since smartphone users are able to look for their favorite dramas or TV series through various video streaming sites or have access to more news for free. This would cause newspapers and television to fall out of viability and lose their main source of generating income. To adapt, these companies would create websites and online services to attract more online users. Although some companies would provide free services, they would either limit their apps or website’s functionality and force or recommend their users to pay a monthly subscription to use their services more conveniently. Spotify is a great example who uses this method as free users are only able to listen to music with internet connection while being exposed to ads every minute. Additionally, they would add random songs that suit the users favorite genre whenever they have less than 15 songs in their playlist. By paying a monthly subscription of USD 9.99, Spotify users are able to listen to their favorite music offline and without being interrupted by advertisements.

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Business companies see this as an opportunity to expand their business as they would pour more of their resources into digital marketing instead of traditional media, although it depends on their type of business. Fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds would still use billboards to advertise their products as it helps to make their target audience feel hungry and start thinking about their food. This would lead to the establishment of seo company Malaysia as they play a core part of helping smaller companies to advertise their products online more effectively. 

Although digital marketing is more effective, there are many ways of advertising that companies need to consider to raise their brand’s awareness. SEO is one of the most common services provided by almost every digital marketing agency as it helps their clients to appear in the first page of a Google search result. By analyzing the frequency of certain keywords and the variants being used, digital marketing agencies are able to advise and create content to increase the chance of Google’s algorithm to detect, allowing their clients to appear whenever certain keywords are used. Thanks to the algorithm, users will be exposed to advertisements in every social media app they use featuring the same type of products based on their most recent searches. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s always effective as it takes time to see any results. Other than that, a digital marketing agency offers plenty of services and it varies from one agency to another. Web design, retargeting, UI design, branding, and many more services that business companies can hire an agency for. By choosing the right agency, business companies are able save cost and time as they would only have to pay for a little bit of extra cash. 

Overall, digital marketing is now more important for companies than before as many smartphone users are investing most of their time consuming content or using the internet for work. Through this method, online users have little control over what kind of advertisements they see by hiding or removing the advertisement, which is registered into Google’s algorithm and will show less of the advertisements. This doesn’t mean traditional media is useless, however, as the development of digital billboards allow for more than one advertisement to be displayed on the same screen.