The use of lightweight steel roof trusses for house roofs as a substitute for wood is currently becoming a trend today. But you need to pay attention to basic technical things about how to install a lightweight steel roof truss before deciding to use it. This aims to avoid mistakes that can harm us as consumers of lightweight steel roof trusses.

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Tips For Choosing Quality Mild Steel

Several manufacturers of mild steel began to aggressively offer their products and play with quality in order to provide “sloping” prices in order to excel in the market. Given that many consumers have switched from wood materials, the demand for mild steel is high and so many manufacturers of mild steel are growing. Moreover, coupled with increasingly rare wood materials, relatively expensive wood prices, the choice of lightweight steel roof truss material is one of the choices for contractors or owners in building houses.  It is possible that low quality mild steel will start to emerge, this is also a result of the absence of a standard for lightweight steel building structures in Indonesia to date. The following will explain some things that need to be considered in selecting quality mild steel:

Pay Attention To The Thickness Of The Layer Of Mild Steel Itself

When installing bumbung besi, sufficient stiffening rods / brancing must be installed. This is because even though the lightweight steel roof frame has been made into a sturdy profile, it has high strength but weak stiffness.

For mild steel that has a thin profile, the bolt used must be a special type with a rough groove and space on the head of the bolt. The coarse grooves function thin steel arranged between the grooves, so that the joints are able to carry large loads.

How To Install A Light Steel Roof Frame

Lightweight steel roof trusses are manufactured for easy assembly and installation in the field. Although light and thin, this construction material has a tensile strength. With thicknesses ranging from 0.4 mm – 1 mm, the lightweight steel roof truss is able to support the roof cover supported by elements such as: truss, rafters and battens.

The roof frame consists of chords and webs. This truss structure only carries axial loads. The above image is an example of a mild steel truss structure.