To have somewhere else to go as a form of escapism is truly a dream. Everyday we are faced with an incredible amount of stress and pressure from people around us and also in the working environment. We should always take care of our mental and physical health by knowing what the heart wants. More often than not, we tend to dismiss what we truly want as we see it as distraction and waste of time. Self care sessions are never a burden and everyone should listen to themselves carefully to be at peace and content. Working almost 12 hours a day almost everyday in a week will not be healthy for you in the long run. This is why having a hobby helps you maintain your sanity while being super packed with tasks. One of the best hobbies that you can get into as a form of escapism is scuba diving. You will be enthralled and instantly bewitched when you go underwater. However, there are many out there who do not know how to get onto the first step of getting a diving license malaysia. You can further read into this article to know the steps.

3 - How To Get A Scuba Diving License


Known as the worldwide professional association of diving instructors, PADI offers scuba diving licenses through their courses. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, their strong will to survive this industry have made them coming out with eLearning courses which are totally accessible for more people across the globe. 


When you are enrolling, you must be 10 years and older than that to be eligible for the license. Before all, you need to have enough swimming skills to go. Therefore, if you are interested in getting the license, enrol yourself in swimming class prior to getting the certification so that you have a strong swimming base.

Know Your Level

Before registering, there will be some categories or levels that you should identify. Some of them are beginners or continuing learning courses. For those who have never taken a class, a beginner course is highly recommended which consists of open water diving. For those continuing lessons, many more options are open for you such as advanced open water diving, rescue diving, photography diving and many others. There are specific professional levels for those interested in taking this seriously as an instructor. 

Education Process

When you have succeeded in getting a place for yourself as a future certified scuba diver, you will need to know the education process before you get tested. The first phase will consist of theoretical learning such as planning to dive, choosing the gears, underwater signals and procedures and others. The next phase is the confined water dives. This activity is to ensure your diving methods and also the right gears employment. The last phase of the education process is the open water dives where you are needed to explore the vast sea. You will be observed by your instructor while also skillfully applying all the things you have learnt to use so far. 

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