This variable measures the worst inconvenience that can happen to an Internet connection. Just as the term implies, packet loss is the percentage of data packets that are lost during their transmission. Here we must be careful, because lost packets can result in a simple slowdown of the connection, but also in its interruption, perhaps during a delicate operation (such as an online transaction), a good Internet connection should not record any “packet loss”. The values ​​of packet loss, jitter and ping time have a decisive influence on the quality of voice transmission via VoIP. Choosing the Time fibre home broadband Malaysia happens to be a very good option now.

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Another aspect that you could check is the quality of the connection and the respective speed depending on the type of internet connection used for the test: in fact it is possible to connect to the internet using not only Wifi, but also direct optical fiber, cable, dial-up or dsl; to verify the connection with different means than the one you usually use, make sure you have first disconnected the instrument with which you are going to do the speed test from the previous means of internet connection and that you have connected the instrument with the new means of connection that you will go to verify.

How to check the speed of your internet connection right away

The first thing to do to check the speed of a connection is a speed test, like the one reported at the beginning of the article: you may find, in fact, as often happens, that the actual speed of your connection does not correspond to that stipulated in the contract , but it remains slower. By checking these factors with a speed test, you can verify whether your connection meets the standards required by the contract or whether it perfectly complies with the agreed standards.

Use the Test

Alternatively, to take a test and evaluate these factors of your internet connection you can also go to this address and take the speed test: you will be able to know precisely the situation of the network to which you are connected in a minute, thus understanding what factors are to improve or which are perfectly in order.