Fiber Optic to Premises (FTTP) is a way to deliver fiber optic communication that is transported directly to customer premises. This new technology brings great speed and a totally new broadband experience.

FTTP uses fiber optic cables, instead of copper cable, to connect a client to the network. A central office allocates the optical signal through an ODN (optical distribution network). At the conclusion of this network, optical network terminals (ONTs) will change the optical signal into an electrical one.

Direct TM Unifi 300mbps fiber optic and common fiber optic are optical distribution networks with opposing technology.

superfast internet 2500 2 1024x683 - Fiber Optic to the Facilities or FTTP.

Direct fiber optic

It happens to be the humblest distribution network since each fiber that leaves the central office is directed to only one customer. Although this network provides excellent bandwidth for the customer, the amount of fiber used and the central office equipment are very expensive. Because of this, fiber optics are typically used near a central office and in a small service area.

Passive Fiber Optic Network (PON)

A passive fiber optic network is a high bandwidth point-to-multipoint network that carries fiber cabling and signals to or as close to the end-user, using non-powered optical splitters, which translates to lower cost and greater scope.

Passive optical networks are based on light waves and are capable of delivering high volumes of both upstream and downstream bandwidth, which can be changed to suit user needs. PONs comprise an Optical Line Termination (OLT) at the central office of the service provider and numerous Optical Network Units (ONUs) close to the users.

Advantages of FTTP

With FTTP, innovative products and services might be triggered remotely, either sporadically or permanently, whichever the customer favours. FTTP recital can be monitored and before the customer realizes a problem exists, it will be fixed. FTTP is easier to maintain and is less susceptible to the elements.With this new technology, FTTP brings unique speed and higher bandwidth through a wide range of services at an affordable price for businesses and users. You might want to learn about this to pick up secretarial management.