Malaysia has steadily moved its way up the ranks of all the other beach destinations available on earth. Tourism in Malaysia has become more and more important as it brings in and contributes to a significant amount of our GDP. The politicians have realized that there is untapped potential here and there’s something that could be made out of the tourism sector. There are currently 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia and politicians have set in motion a set of rules that can help protect these heritage sites from being damaged. The politicians have also decided the change the budgeting system in Malaysia so that more money from our overall budget can be channeled to help preserve and promote the tourism sector of Malaysia. A part of the budget is also used to help make sure the Beaches in Malaysia is in top shape for future tourists. Malaysia is known as a tropical getaway for most people and they mainly come to relax on the white sandy beaches. Out of all the beaches that can be visited in Malaysia, Some of them outrank the others based on multiple parameters but mostly because of the beauty of it.

  1. Langkawi

Langkawi is normally regarded as one of the local getaways for most people but it has been gaining traction internationally and more and more people are visiting this destination. Langkawi is regarded as a chill location that sun-loving people normally go to. The resorts in Langkawi offer customized services that give you the best and most relaxing getaway you can ever imagine. There are a couple of spots to go snorkeling or diving in Langkawi but it’s not necessarily the best place to do it, Langkawi is less of an adventurous spot and more of a relaxing one.

  1. Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach 1 - Best Beaches In Malaysia

Penang is pretty similar to Langkawi in traits but there’s just a couple of things that set it apart. Penang is more suburban and more people live there than Langkawi. The Batu Ferringhi beach is amazing because of the vibe it puts out. It’s filled with life and interesting people to meet there. The beaches are also filled with many bars that give a very chill vibe. If the beaches don’t interest you then the food there just might. Penang is also home to the various dishes that you might find native to Penang. Rest assured that if Penang is your choice for a destination then you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Terengganu

Terengganu might not sound like the best destination initially but when you hear the words Pulau Redang then most people will know why Terengganu is on the list. Terengganu is on this list because scuba diving redang is an amazing escapade from life. You can even get diving lessons there and acquire your diving license. The amazing sea views are also what bring people back here.

The next time you plan a trip where you plan to get sun-kissed then maybe contemplate picking one of these destinations. 

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