Being an introvert means that you’re most probably quiet or reserved however in some cases, you might just be someone who finds it difficult to open up to people and prefer just remaining in a small group of friends. This is most probably because introverts find it stressful to be in loud or hectic situations. Which is perfectly fine and you should be able to decide what’s comfortable and uncomfortable for yourself. However, some might ask the question of, how do introverts make a living by just staying in their bubble when they can try to get out of their comfort zone and do stuff. Well, we should be able to accept that we can’t always push people to do things they’re uncomfortable with, which will most likely increase stress or even cause depression. Thus, here are some ways that introverts can increase their income without being in any stressful situations.

  • Start an online business

Online businesses offer such a variety of things to sell. Ranging from food to homemade products that you can produce and deliver from the comfort of your own home. You could start selling homemade jewellery or provide a categorised platform to cater to specific things people might find hard to look for on a wide online shopping platform. Make it neat and aesthetically pleasing for the consumers so that they find it easy to purchase through you. Plus, if you do enough research on online transactions, you will find out that receiving payment and delivering products can be easily done from your home.

  • Content writing

This is the perfect activity if you enjoy writing in any context or any form. A bunch of websites on the internet are always looking for freelance writers to provide content for their websites or even average quality articles to higher their rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Safari. You could make up to, or more than, RM2 500 per month as a freelance writer just by writing articles. 

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  • Online games and streams

If you’re a person who loves gaming, then consider making money off of it. Streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Discord and many more provide payment for players who have built up a following on their gaming streams. Other than that, some games earn you benefits or winning money when you play. For instance, online casinos in Malaysia like kiss918. Though, remember to play at your risk and play smart. 

  • Be the voice for audiobooks

An avid book reader would love this job because this allows you to simply read books aloud for platforms like Audible and get paid. Getting up to RM400 or USD 100 per hour of completed audio. So take advantage and make money out of reading for extra income.

In a nutshell, there are so many other ways, even ones that haven’t been mentioned, to make money while just staying in the comfort of your own home. Something that you like to do might just earn you money so make the most of it. Don’t let being an introvert stop you from making extra money.