One of the most exciting technologies for growth today in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is defined as intelligence displayed by machines, like robots and androids, a contrast to natural intelligence demonstrated by humans and animals. It is also defined as, “any devices that can observe its environment and adapt to maximize its chances of achieving its objective”. Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time. It is now very much a big part of our lives. It has been a part of the world’s growth towards a world of automation. Artificial Intelligence can be found most often in IT security. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the IT security is constantly improving. It is a significant technology in the development of Industry 4.0 where it put emphasis on the digitization of manufacturing. More and more companies around the world are investing in Artificial Intelligence and because of this, people are competing in building an enhanced, more effective, Artificial Intelligence to modernize the world. This article would write about the three advantages of Artificial Intelligence. 

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1 – Automates processes

Artificial Intelligence enables robots to automatically, without human 

interference, create repetitive, routine and process optimization tasks. They can perform at a higher efficacy than human. They can consistently attend to their job without any rests. There is no need for human to interrupt or help it because Artificial Intelligence can adapt to any job given. 

2 – Enhance creativity 

AI encourages humans to spend more time on creative functions through liberating people from boring and tedious tasks. It would be more rewarding for human because human have the chance to cultivate our creativity so that they would be able to do jobs where Artificial Intelligence have no place in. For example, Artificial Intelligence cannot take pictures of landscapes around the world because they don’t have the ability to travel around the world, so this task is given to humans and through this task, we develop our creative side.

3 – Take risks instead of human 

There have been many cases where humans get injured while on work, due to handling challenging tasks. Some even lose their limbs after sustaining injury at work. Not only this is a disadvantage to the worker, but it is also a disadvantage to the company because they would have to pay for the worker’s compensation claim. However, with an Artificial Intelligence, such as Malaysia Advantech these dangers can be reduced to none. When a machine does work instead of human, the risks for injuries would lessen significantly. The perfect example is when Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion happened, no human are able to go near the power plant because of severe radiation but because there were no Artificial Intelligence robot at the time so they could not properly extinguish the fire but if there existed a robot that can help extinguish the fire without being affected by the radiation, the fire could have been controlled immediately. 

Artificial Intelligence has influenced our generation greatly and it is visible that the industrial automation company in Malaysia is adapting this concept to their factories. It would significantly improve our economy if we eventually adopt this concept entirely.