Aluminum paste consists of crushed aluminum particles, as well as a binder additive. It is actively used in the manufacture of aerated concrete, rubber adhesives, paints, anti-corrosion lubricants, etc. For the production of aerated concrete, aluminum paste GPB1 and GPB2 are used as a gas generator.

The methods for making the paste are wet grinding and dry method. The disadvantage of the first is the use of highly toxic corrosion inhibitors to reduce the percentage of spontaneous gas formation and unwanted chemical reactions. On the other hand, the content of the binder additive when using wet grinding is 15-30%, which significantly reduces dusting. The positive side of the dry method is a longer shelf life and a higher content of active aluminum, which affects the kinetics of gas evolution, stability of indicators and reduces the consumption of the gas generator.

Aluminum gas paste for concrete GPB1 contains 78.3% of the mass fraction of active aluminum. The material contains PAP-1 aluminum powder with an organic additive (diethylene glycol). The aluminum paste GPB1 is packed in metal drums weighing from 25 to 45 kg. The paste has a kinetics of hydrogen gas evolution expressed in 10 cm³ in 2 minutes. The dispersion index of the particles of the material is 50%. Unlike aluminum powder, GPB1 aluminum paste is more homogeneous and safer to use, and has a higher economic indicator. Due to the cohesion of the particles, the paste is less toxic and explosive.

The composition of aerated concrete is a mixture of natural materials: cement, sand, water, lime, a little aluminum powder. When added, alumininium paste and powder enters into a chemical reaction with lime, both elements are foamed, resulting in air-filled bubbles. Bubbles can be of different sizes. Most often, a gas generator for the production of aerated concrete is chosen according to the numerous positive reviews of aerated concrete manufacturers. At the same time, each of the manufacturers not only advertises their products, but also insists not to use a gas generator from another manufacturer. These technologists believe it is correct that if the concrete rises, then nothing else needs to be changed. But this statement is very wrong, since it is necessary to take into account many important details: safety, quality, economy, stability. For more articles like this one, click here.