The Internet is today’s essential tool and is a service in its own right and gives access to many other services. Only by improving Internet access will more people benefit from all possibilities. Internet access is not a luxury, but a moral human right and everyone should have unsupervised and uncensored access to this global medium, made available for free to those who cannot afford it.

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More and more important central and local government services are being brought online, while previous processes of accessing the same services are becoming much more impractical (in the name of savings) or even removed. At the same time, Internet coverage in rural areas is still poor or non-existent. Very soon, disadvantaged rural populations will be banned from these services and, in some cases, fined for not responding to online-only agencies. We are already seeing this among the unemployed in rural areas and among the elderly without computer skills.

The Internet is essentially a single tool that allows anyone around the world to access information that was not known 20 years ago. While it has many imperfections and some very real dangers, its potential (as well as being fun and enjoyable) is to be a great teaching tool. A child in the middle of nowhere could learn to code. Although I believe that a universal education system is necessary for all children and that personal education is much more valuable than online learning; For those without access to an education system, the internet is a substitute with great potential. Even people with an excellent education can use it as a supplement to gain a deeper understanding of the things they have learned in school. Internet access could change the lives of millions of people. There are a few reasons why the internet should be accessible to everyone:

  • Information: 

The Internet offers an infinite amount of knowledge to anyone looking for it. We are no longer limited to the information contained in the books we have access to, but we can now find the answer to anything through the Internet in less than a second. It is not right to limit people’s knowledge based on their access to books, libraries or financial resources. those without the means will find it difficult to educate themselves. By making the Internet free, we are leveling the playing field and giving everyone the opportunity to access whatever knowledge they want, whenever they want.

  • Entertainment: 

If you don’t like paying for cable TV, cut the cable by subscribing to YouTube TV, Sling TV, Netflix, HBO Now, etc. You can view all your favorites on your PC or digital device. The music is the same. You can listen to online radio via Google Play Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, or just buy MP3 to stay on your device.

  • People Power: 

The internet is known as a platform on which people can discuss issues, politics, society, economics, and other topics and provide a platform on which change-makers can thrive. When the Internet is free, everyone in the world has an equal chance to hear their voices, educate themselves, and join together to fight for change where change is needed. The free internet will also facilitate the exchange and development of ideas ranging from technology to health, arts to finance, politics to sociology. All of these things are fundamental components of a functioning society, and the Internet is the perfect platform for people from all walks of life to meet and discuss in a virtual environment.

  • Be social: 

Facebook for the family and friends you know in real life, Twitter for broadcasting short messages to an anonymous audience, Instagram for uploading photos of yourself for all and different, and Snapchat for those covert photo activities.

Over the past three decades, the global use of the Internet has grown exponentially. Billions are connected and sharing pictures, posts, emails, and stories. Like the invention of printing and eventually the advent of the industrial revolution, the invention of the internet disrupted human evolution and life will never be the same again. This technology has brought people together and fueled an ongoing artistic, cultural, and political revolution. Ultimately, free access to the Internet creates a fairer society where everyone has free access to knowledge and communication. One can only hope that governments and companies will agree on how to make this fantastic and almost atomistic dream a reality. Until then, apply Time internet Malaysia to get good internet access in Malaysia.…