Halal Out of certification chaos comes criticism and Islamophobia - Things You Need To Know About Halal Certificate

Things You Need To Know About Halal Certificate

First of all, it is very important for Muslims to only eat halal meat or food. The reason is that you have to make sure that you follow the rules of the Muslim religion as you can’t go against the rules. You have to 

Riding the fast-paced world of the fourth industrial revolution, the food industry nowadays is gearing up towards becoming the best of its kind. One of the rising industries which can be seen in today’s world is the halal food industry which is getting better and bigger by days.  Many food suppliers are getting their hands in the halal gloves to fulfil their consumers’ demand, especially from Muslim community which is growing in number these days. Halal food industry is now a thing in many developed countries such as America with its halal food outlets and restaurants while New Zealand with its halal frozen meat and not-to-forget the halal meat supplier from Singapore and also products in online supermarket malaysia. So, what is halal certificate validity and what kind of industry would request for halal certification for their products?

As for its validity, say if a company’s product has been verified with halal certification for the first time, the certificate will only be valid for a year. For the second time, the validity expands to two years. If after two years the audit shows that the company deserves it, it will be validated again for another two years. For the industry sectors which requested for halal certification, they are those prominent sectors such as meat products, flour and dairy products, halvah, macaroni and fat products as well as the cosmetic ones. In addition, a halal certifying body such as GIMDES from Turkey could go up to granting halal certificates to companies from abroad.  If you think only Islamic countries would request for halal certification to be verified on their products, well think again. This is because halal certificates are now being requested all over the world as consumers are now much aware of the benefits gained from consuming halal meat, thus creating high demand of halal food in the market. Even the current market is now covering over two billion people consuming halal certified products.

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What about Kosher meat you asked? Is there any difference between kosher meat and halal certificate meat? Well, of course there are a few major differences between these two. First and foremost, let us look at the definition of kosher itself. Kosher means prepped under strict laws and guidelines of the Jewish customs and religion. It also includes foods which are being prepared for a festival called Passover. Halal on the other hand, means that the  food is being prepared and strictly maintained by the laws and compliance listed by Islamic customs and religion. Different from halal tayyib or wholesome concepts where the good treatment of animals should start since the early days of their growth, kosher mainly focuses on the food production itself. Kosher products may contain alcohol, glycerine and gelatin as well as other animals by products, while halal labelled food strictly prohibits these ingredients from residing in its food. During the meat slaughtering process, Jewish scholars or teachers will be supervising the process but no tasmiyya is being made during the process unlike in halal slaughtering meat process. This proves how kosher slaughtering processes do not meet the requirement set by halal food slaughtering.

All in all, halal food industry is on the rise due to its high quality standards which is good for all consumers of different religions and races. The key benefits which come from its consumption also contributes to the food production to become bigger and better by the day.…

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Reasons why the internet should be accessible to everyone

The Internet is today’s essential tool and is a service in its own right and gives access to many other services. Only by improving Internet access will more people benefit from all possibilities. Internet access is not a luxury, but a moral human right and everyone should have unsupervised and uncensored access to this global medium, made available for free to those who cannot afford it.

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More and more important central and local government services are being brought online, while previous processes of accessing the same services are becoming much more impractical (in the name of savings) or even removed. At the same time, Internet coverage in rural areas is still poor or non-existent. Very soon, disadvantaged rural populations will be banned from these services and, in some cases, fined for not responding to online-only agencies. We are already seeing this among the unemployed in rural areas and among the elderly without computer skills.

The Internet is essentially a single tool that allows anyone around the world to access information that was not known 20 years ago. While it has many imperfections and some very real dangers, its potential (as well as being fun and enjoyable) is to be a great teaching tool. A child in the middle of nowhere could learn to code. Although I believe that a universal education system is necessary for all children and that personal education is much more valuable than online learning; For those without access to an education system, the internet is a substitute with great potential. Even people with an excellent education can use it as a supplement to gain a deeper understanding of the things they have learned in school. Internet access could change the lives of millions of people. There are a few reasons why the internet should be accessible to everyone:

  • Information: 

The Internet offers an infinite amount of knowledge to anyone looking for it. We are no longer limited to the information contained in the books we have access to, but we can now find the answer to anything through the Internet in less than a second. It is not right to limit people’s knowledge based on their access to books, libraries or financial resources. those without the means will find it difficult to educate themselves. By making the Internet free, we are leveling the playing field and giving everyone the opportunity to access whatever knowledge they want, whenever they want.

  • Entertainment: 

If you don’t like paying for cable TV, cut the cable by subscribing to YouTube TV, Sling TV, Netflix, HBO Now, etc. You can view all your favorites on your PC or digital device. The music is the same. You can listen to online radio via Google Play Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, or just buy MP3 to stay on your device.

  • People Power: 

The internet is known as a platform on which people can discuss issues, politics, society, economics, and other topics and provide a platform on which change-makers can thrive. When the Internet is free, everyone in the world has an equal chance to hear their voices, educate themselves, and join together to fight for change where change is needed. The free internet will also facilitate the exchange and development of ideas ranging from technology to health, arts to finance, politics to sociology. All of these things are fundamental components of a functioning society, and the Internet is the perfect platform for people from all walks of life to meet and discuss in a virtual environment.

  • Be social: 

Facebook for the family and friends you know in real life, Twitter for broadcasting short messages to an anonymous audience, Instagram for uploading photos of yourself for all and different, and Snapchat for those covert photo activities.

Over the past three decades, the global use of the Internet has grown exponentially. Billions are connected and sharing pictures, posts, emails, and stories. Like the invention of printing and eventually the advent of the industrial revolution, the invention of the internet disrupted human evolution and life will never be the same again. This technology has brought people together and fueled an ongoing artistic, cultural, and political revolution. Ultimately, free access to the Internet creates a fairer society where everyone has free access to knowledge and communication. One can only hope that governments and companies will agree on how to make this fantastic and almost atomistic dream a reality. Until then, apply “Time Internet” malaysia to get good internet access in Malaysia.…

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How to Play Blackjack

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Millions of players have heard the message that blackjack is the one that can be beaten among the casino table games. In the early 1960s a practical system was made available to the public to count cards in blackjack to gain an edge over the casino.

 Due to this being the case, few players have ever really managed to beat the dealer in a game.

Ever since the evolution, from the brick and mortar casino we can all also now play poker online within the comfort of your own home, just online gambling malaysia.


There are some myths about the objective of the blackjack game but all you’re trying to do is beat the dealer at the simplest stage.

A few ways for you to achieve this is to :-

  • By drawing a hand value greater than the value of the dealer’s hand
  • If the dealer draws a hand value which exceeds 21
  • By playing on the first two cards a hand value of 21, if the dealer does not.

Where as when you lose to the dealer is when you :-

  • Your total hand value exceeds 21
  • At the end of the round, the dealer’s hand is worth more than yours

Total Value Score

Blackjack is played with a regular 52 deck of cards and the suits don’t matter.

For instance:-  

  • At face value, 2 through 10 counts, i.e. a 2 counts as two, a 9 counts as nine.
  • Face cards (J, Q, K) are numbered as 10.
  • Ace can count as either a 1 or 11 depending on which value is most helpful to the hand.

Buying Chips

Most casinos will no longer accept “cash plays” wagers, so you’ll have to let the dealer swap your casino chips for your money.You do so by actually putting your money on the table’s felt by walking up to the table. 

Don’t give the dealer your money (they won’t take it). Dealers can not take anything out of a player ‘s hand for security purposes, or vice-versa.

The dealer will count out chip denominations equal to your purchased amount and push the chips toward you. You can handle the chips now, and put your wager.

Placing A Bet

The first thing you do at the start of a round is to put a bet in the betting circle (depending on the casino’s regulations). Each of the tables has a small sign on the far right or left side of the table which tells you what the betting limits are.

The minimum and maximum bet that you can make will vary depending on which casino you are going to and the regulatory environment the casino is located in.

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How to Get Your Business More Attention

Making your business known is rarely simple. It very well may be truly upsetting. On the off chance that you’re making some hard memories expanding the deals of your business, at that point it might be on the grounds that your business needs more personality. To assist you with that, you should consider adding a logo to your business. Doing such will make a gigantic contrasts. You have to ensure that your logo is successful and can leave an imprint in individuals’ brain. Here are a few hints to get you out. 

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  • Your logo ought to characterize what your business is. It ought to talk what your business is about. In this way, before you begin planning your logo, consider the business you are running. What does it offer? 
  • You need to consider the shading and the designs that you will use in your logo. This will characterize your business. On the off chance that it’s a bistro, don’t include illustrations like fish, garments, and so forth other than things identified with espresso. In the event that it’s a drive-thru eatery, at that point consider utilizing hues like yellow, red, and orange since it triggers hunger and improves your craving. Do some examination on the off chance that you have to. You have to ensure that the designs and a shading you’ll be utilizing is regarding what your business is about. 

So those are only a few hints you can utilize that will clearly give you a stunning logo. Presently, in the event that you plan on beginning on the web, consider making a site for your business. We know the best website specialists there is, and it’s Jumix, website design service penang . They offer wide assortment of administrations like this. On the off chance that you need assistance with your logo, you can rely on them as well. To get familiar with them, visit their site. 

Presently, is your publicizing not working? Is it true that you are making some hard memories making your business known? All things considered, it might be on the grounds that you are not contacting enough crowd. In the event that you need your business to be know, you should think about publicizing it with the utilization of a site. By utilizing a site, you can make things simpler for you. There would be a huge amount of advantages you can get from it. 

You can arrive at greater measure of crowd from college students and working adults.. There is no uncertainty about that. Why? It is on the grounds that there are huge amounts of individuals these days who happen to have an entrance to the web at whatever point, any place they need. Along these lines, regardless of where they are and when, they’ll despite everything have the option to check what your business is about. 

You don’t need to do genuine work. Truly, this is one of the most astonishing thing about publicizing on the web also. There won’t be a requirement for you to confront incredible pressure, much the same as what you would do is you picked other type of publicizing. This structure is less distressing, however more viable. 

You don’t need to set up a lot of cash. Not at all like different types of promotion where it compels you to set up a lot of cash, this doesn’t. With this, it is fundamentally free. Similarly as long as you have the web get to and a PC, you are a great idea to go.

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How much dry mix additive is used in 1:7 plaster?

If it dries too quickly, the concrete surface will weaken and crack. Cracking occurs when a weak layer of concrete allows water to enter. Water freezes and cracks the concrete surface. Concrete spark on the sidewalk.

Castor oil or Vaseline is good to release agents even after mixing with kerosene. Hard shapes, even if polished, smoothed, and polished, require a release agent to prevent sticking and smoothing of the skin. Oleic emulsions,  light-colored petroleum oils, various types have been used successfully these are used as a framework release agents in cement and additive mixtures.

Glaciers are used for construction, flooring, plastering, and finishing, which can be applied in wet conditions. When distinguishing a mixed mortar on a site, a dry mix mortar additives can be a term that refers to a quick mix of dry materials in a dry type that may include additives and polymers for specific use in construction.  In the dry mix additive process, it is used as a simple material approach which will make the process of drying mix additive for cementing the bond.

The dry mix concept was formulated as a dry mix material used in field unit application, construction, tile adhesive, floor deformation, and field unit cement support material repair.

The dry mix cargo area unit is of pre-filled type and can achieve great improvement in the direct collection and application process of construction standards.

Drought-related mortar growth is a major concern in infrastructure activities due to the unavailability of natural resources and the unavailability of raw materials to meet the demand.

Lightweight concrete is a composite made of lightweight aggregates such as shell, clay, or slate, which gives it a low-density characteristic. Structural concrete o. lightweight has a density of 90 to 115 lbs/ft, while regular concrete has a density of 140 to 150 lbs/ft. This increases the amount of compound and reduces dead weight, which has additional properties such as stability. Can be used for lightweight composite aggregate applications, in which the use of strength is equal to the normal weight of concrete.

A lightweight concert can be lightweight aggregate concrete, foam concrete, or air sterilized concrete (AAC).

Aggregate concrete of lightweight can be Made by using a variety of lightweight aggregates. Light accumulation is also generated:

 Natural materials, such as volcanic eruptions.

Natural raw materials such as heat treatment such as clay, slate or shell and visit 3D Resources to know more (tips).